NFL Big Bets, Odds and Season Betting Preview – 2020

The 2020 NFL regular season begins Friday morning Australian time with the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs $1.23 favourites at TAB to start their championship defence with a victory at home over the Houston Texans ($4.20).

The Chiefs ended their 50-year NFL title drought last February with their Super Bowl LIV triumph over the San Francisco 49ers and they are $7 equal favourites to win this season’s Super Bowl.

The Baltimore Ravens are the team sharing Super Bowl favouritism with the Chiefs at $7 while the 49ers are $10 to go one better this season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened $51 to win Super Bowl LV but with the arrival of six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady from the New England Patriots, the Buccaneers have firmed to $11.

One TAB punter has placed $8350 at $12 on Tampa Bay to win this season’s NFL championship, which would result in a $100,200 collect.


$8350 @ $12 on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Super Bowl LV Winner)

$3800 @ $2.60 on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South Division Winner)

$2060 @ $17 on the Buffalo Bills (Super Bowl LV Winner)

$2000 @ $26 on the Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl LV Winner)

$1600 @ $21 on Tom Brady (Regular Season MVP)

$1100 @ $9 on the Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl LV Winner)

$1000 @ $41 on the Los Angeles Chargers (Super Bowl LV Winner)

$1000 @ $8.50 on the Atlanta Falcons (NFC South Division Winner)

$1000 @ $7.50 on the Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl LV Winner)

$900 @ $8 on the Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl LV Winner)


NFL Super Bowl LV Winner

$7           Baltimore Ravens                             opened $8

                Kansas City Chiefs                            opened $7

$10         San Francisco 49ers                         opened $10

$11         Tampa Bay Buccaneers                  opened $51

$13         New Orleans Saints                         opened $12

$17         Dallas Cowboys                                opened $26

$19         New England Patriots                     opened $15

                Philadelphia Eagles                          opened $17

                Seattle Seahawks                             opened $17

$21         Buffalo Bills                                         opened $34

$23         Green Bay Packers                           opened $15

                Indianapolis Colts                             opened $34

                Minnesota Vikings                           opened $21

                Pittsburgh Steelers                          opened $34

                Tennessee Titans                             opened $21

$34         Chicago Bears                                    opened $41

                Cleveland Browns                            opened $26

                Los Angeles Chargers                     opened $51

                Los Angeles Rams                            opened $21

$41         Arizona Cardinals                             opened $81

                Atlanta Falcons                                 opened $41

                Houston Texans                                opened $26

$51         Denver Broncos                                opened $67

                Las Vegas Raiders                             opened $41

$81         Carolina Panthers                            opened $51

                Detroit Lions                                      opened $81

                Miami Dolphins                                 opened $101

                New York Giants                               opened $81

                New York Jets                                    opened $67

$126       Cincinnati Bengals                           opened $101

$151       Jacksonville Jaguars                         opened $67

                Washington                                        opened $151

2020 NFL Regular Season MVP

$4.50     Patrick Mahomes (KC)                   opened $4.50

$7           Lamar Jackson (BAL)                       opened $7

                Russell Wilson (SEA)                       opened $7

$15         Tom Brady (TB)                                 opened $21

                Dak Prescott (DAL)                          opened $17

$17         Drew Brees (NO)                              opened $17

                Deshaun Watson (HOU)                opened $17

                Carson Wentz (PHI)                         opened $15

$21         Kyler Murray (ARI)                           opened $34

                Cam Newton (NE)                            opened $67

                Aaron Rodgers (GB)                        opened $21

$34         Jimmy Garappolo (SF)                    opened $34
Jared Goff (LAR)                                opened $51

                Derrick Henry (TEN)                        opened $34

                Baker Mayfield (CLE)                       opened $34

                Matt Ryan (ATL)                                opened $34

$41+      Others Quoted

2020 NFL Week 1

$1.23     Kansas City Chiefs

$4.20     Houston Texans

Friday 10:20am AEST at Arrowhead Stadium

$2.10     Atlanta Falcons

$1.75     Seattle Seahawks

Monday 3am AEST at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

$1.27     Baltimore Ravens

$3.80     Cleveland Browns

Monday 3am AEST at M&T Bank Stadium

$1.32     Buffalo Bills

$3.40     New York Jets

Monday 3am AEST at Bills Stadium

$2.40     Carolina Panthers

$1.58     Las Vegas Raiders

Monday 3am AEST at Bank of America Stadium

$1.65     Detroit Lions

$2.25     Chicago Bears

Monday 3am AEST at Ford Field

$4           Jacksonville Jaguars

$1.25     Indianapolis Colts

Monday 3am AEST at TIAA Bank Field

$1.65     Minnesota Vikings

$2.25     Green Bay Packers

Monday 3am AEST at US Bank Stadium

$1.32     New England Patriots

$3.40     Miami Dolphins

Monday 3am AEST at Gillette Stadium

$3.10     Washington

$1.37     Philadelphia Eagles

Monday 3am AEST at FedEx Field

$2.45     Cincinnati Bengals

$1.55     Los Angeles Chargers

Monday 6:05am AEST at Paul Brown Stadium

$1.53     New Orleans Saints

$2.50     Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Monday 6:25am AEST at Mercedes-Benz Superdome

$1.32     San Francisco 49ers

$3.40     Arizona Cardinals

Monday 6:25am AEST at Levi’s Stadium

$2.30     Los Angeles Rams

$1.62     Dallas Cowboys

Monday 10:20am AEST at SoFi Stadium

$3           New York Giants

$1.40     Pittsburgh Steelers

Tuesday 9:15am AEST at MetLife Stadium

$1.90     Denver Broncos

$1.90     Tennessee Titans

Tuesday 12:10pm AEST at Empower Field

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