My bedroom ‘mental landscape’ from Tomy Tonkin

As an advocate of a high quality in design, a true appreciation of artistry, I find the full wall of landscape by Tomy Tonkin’s visual art workshop / workspace is not an odd choice…

My bedroom 'mental landscape' from Tomy Tonkin

As an advocate of a high quality in design, a true appreciation of artistry, I find the full wall of landscape by Tomy Tonkin’s visual art workshop / workspace is not an odd choice when decorating my bedroom/interior. The project is the creation of a mental landscape through physical images, thereby re-introducing an artist/designer’s vision in the process of building a concept and increasing creative inspiration. I have since interviewed Tomy, share with you how to design a dream room.

Why have I taken the initiative to find and purchase a painting for my bedroom? Why is it that works by some of my favourite artists are not included on my walls? As much as I would love to incorporate an international fine artist in my decor, the challenge and motivation is to pull it off and make it look authentic. In response, I have appointed a visual artist that paints in landscape style that symbolises the environment of the room. The series is the creation of visual imagery that adds to my creative team’s creativity and personal sensibility.

With the help of my other projects and companies, I am able to use some of my favourite artists’ work for my own personal inspiration. I started a series of digital prints that all depicts the same art of Carl Andre’s Liberty, Running Man, featuring this one digital image on a 45cm by 45cm movie film stock that is suitable for pressing with a roll of card stock, that does it for me. I choose to place these digital prints on my walls and have noticed that they are very wearable for both me and friends.

I am obsessed with my furniture with subtle style and hints of art to make it personal to my lifestyle. I utilise numerous pieces that enhance the art. The Art by Fred Herzog in my bedroom is one of the sets of five frames used as preparation for viewing all the works, the other pieces designed for this bedroom are the paintings I have opted to maintain. I believe that in the sequence, these are the pieces that provide the spark of creativity. The artworks are printed in five original frames by a slightly unique techniques as well as being framed as one of the five frames.

Shoes of the Fine Arts Directory 3 is an annual catalogue of 50 independent retailers around the world and was created by Australian furniture designer Hermeto Albert, together with buying agent Gaby Rosen, as an international book catalog and web-site based on the idea of multi-artists finding greater communication and inspiration through grouping and exhibiting their artworks. It’s also one of the most innovative business solutions ever devised for independent retailers that feature exclusive prints in their handbags. To quote Albert: “I wish I could go shopping for art in a really nice art store, without feeling like a weirdo… how difficult could it be to bring someone to a show? Or maybe a mobile museum or gallery. Selling works of art on canvas as well as canvas and newspapers could offer greater opportunities for brand support, insurance, production and service.” We are happy to announce, the 12th edition of Shop 2018 is on sale now and is filled with fantastic works by world-renowned artists such as Charles Ray, Eduardo Paolozzi, Fred Herzog, Cori Antonsen, Dominic Spoils, Philippe Vallotton, Jean-Claude Leon, Geoffrey Holder, Sreeram Razipakkat, Ellen Parsons, Peter Low, David Archibald, Srey Adha and Robert Boyd. In addition, Pierre Theodore and Tracey Emin are featured, with limited editions both in editions of three and five prints.

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